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Next Stop...The Guild!

If you’d like to spread your wings further, gain some well-deserved recognition and continue to be supported by us on your journey, we are extending an invitation to join our monthly Guild membership—a community crafted exclusively for passionate Mantrailing Instructors like yourself who are focused on growth and development.

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A Sneak Peek

Here's what awaits you once you're on board:

🎖️ Accredited Instructor Status.

🎓 Exclusive In-Person Training: Dive deep into your role with access to Instructor CPD Workshops designed to propel your growth as a Mantrailing Instructor.

🧠 Expert Knowledge: Unlock a treasure trove of insights with webinars hosted by the Head Instructor team and other seasoned professionals in the field.

💡 Coaching-Ups: Need real-time advice or have burning questions? Jump online LIVE with the team for coaching-ups and get the support you need.

🌍 Community Hive Mind: Connect, learn, and grow alongside like-minded individuals from across the globe who share your passion for Mantrailing.

📢 Promotional Perks: Boost your visibility with a listing on our instructor map and enjoy free advertising in our community social media platforms.

🚀 Guides, Templates & Discounts: Get equipped with a range of resources including guides, templates, and exclusive discounts to fuel both you and your business.

Ready to jump in?

Before you dive head first into signing up, we just wanted to give you a friendly nudge as a reminder to check out our not-so-boring Terms and Conditions. Yeah, we know, reading the fine print isn't as exciting as the thought of joining, but it's a quick read, promise! Plus, it's got some essential info that'll ensure we're all on the same page and cruising smoothly together. You'll have to tick the box soon anyway to agree and join, but for transparency, you can read them here HERE too.

One last thing...Make sure you select the correct currency when entering your details so that our team can get your membership set up and running smoothly as soon as possible.


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