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Next stop...The guild

Ready to take your Mantrailing expertise to the next level?  We're looking forward to having you on board!

Before you dive headfirst into signing up, we just wanted to give you a friendly nudge as a reminder to check out our full Terms and Conditions. Yeah, we know, reading the fine print isn't as exciting as the thought of joining, but it's a quick read, promise! Plus, it's got some essential info that'll ensure we're all on the same page and cruising smoothly together.


You'll have to tick the box soon anyway to say you agree before being able to join, but for transparency, you can read them here HERE too.

SIgn Up Here

  • INTL Guild Membership

    Every month
    • 🎖️ Accredited Instructor status
    • 🎓 Exclusive In-Person Training: Access to CPD workshops.
    • 🧠Expert Knowledge: Bank of webinars.
    • 💡Coaching-Ups: Access to support.
    • 🌍 Community Hive Mind: connect with our instructors.
    • 📢 Promotional perks: Website listing and advertising.
    • 🚀 Guides, templates & discounts: Helpful resources.
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