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become an instructor for the fastest growing dog sport across the globe

FREE Webinar Series For Dog Trainers - Sign Up Here

FREE Webinar Series For Dog Trainers - Sign Up Here

FREE Webinar Series For Dog Trainers - Sign Up Here

FREE Webinar Series For Dog Trainers - Sign Up Here

What is mantrailing?

Mantrailing is a sport teaching dogs to find people by following their unique scent trail. All dog's have a natural ability to hunt and therefore Mantrailing provides them with an outlet to do this in a safe, controlled and constructive way.


We teach them how to harness their amazing sense of smell and turn it into a super fun activity for pet dog and owner teams to do together as a sport for fun.

Being a part of Mantrailing Global is reassuring. The pet business industry can be a lonely one at times and Mantrailing Global helps instructors to keep in touch, as well as being a source of advice and guidance from our Head Instructors and Founder. I'm also immensely proud that Mantrailing Global are so keen to ensure I'm as up to date with my own skills and knowledge as possible by providing both practical and online CPD opportunities. - Laura


Do you want to...?

✔ Ditch the 24/7 work lifestyle.

✔ Get rid of the constant need to enrol new clients by embracing an evergreen business model.

✔ Provide an inclusive activity for dogs in need of behavioural management.

✔ Join a community of trainers who work together and not against each other.

✔Create a career that is built around your own dreams and lifestyle, not everybody elses.


Why Mantrailing Global?

Mantrailing Global has supported Mantrailing Instructors across Europe and beyond since 2017, teaching the sport of Mantrailing to pet dog & owner teams.


We pride ourselves in the community we have built, promoting our Instructors to work together and not against each other. It is this ethos, along with our high standards of training which has catapulted us into becoming the largest organisation teaching Mantrailing as a dog sport to pet dog and owner teams.


Become a Mantrailing Global Instructor and put your stamp on your dog training community teaching the fastest growing dog sport trending internationally.

Cpd certified instructor course


Ready to join the team?

As leaders in the sport of Mantrailing we can give you the skills and knowledge required to launch a successful Mantrailing business.


This course will teach you everything you need to know to begin running Mantrailing introduction courses and sessions as an Instructor, sharing all of our inside business knowledge that we have gained from running the most successful Mantrailing business in the UK, enabling you to do the same in your area.

The Mantrailing Instructor Course, a driving force of professionally presented know how, packed with not only the training methods, but positive, enhancing, motivating, team building ethos as a main feature of the standard to acquire, attain and maintain. - Sue

Book a free Discovery call with me

Founder of Mantrailing Global, Lisa Gorenflo

Discovery Call

Please note that you are booking in UK time (BST)

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