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FREE Webinar Series For Dog Trainers - Sign Up Here

FREE Webinar Series For Dog Trainers - Sign Up Here

FREE Webinar Series For Dog Trainers - Sign Up Here

FREE Webinar Series For Dog Trainers - Sign Up Here

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Become a Mantrailing Global Instructor

😩 Are you fed up of the constant launching process each time your next round of dog training classes are advertised?

😵‍💫 Tired of people expecting quick fixes instead of being willing to put the work in to actually get the results they want?

🤯Or how about feeling like you are forever having to justify why clients should choose you even though you are an expert in your field. It's exhausting...

As leaders in the sport of Mantrailing, we can give you the skills and knowledge required to launch a successful evergreen Mantrailing business, which you can build around your own lifestyle and commitments.


It's time to re-claim your life back, put a stamp on your dog training community and launch a career teaching the fastest growing dog sport across the globe.


I started launching my Mantrailing Introduction workshops as soon as I became an Instructor and within a month had made back what I had paid for the Instructor course plus more. - Emma

A Sneak Peak At Our Instructor Course
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Is our Course the right fit for you?


What You can expect

We pride ourselves in high standards of training alongside our commitment to developing our instructors to become the best dog trainers they can be in the field of Mantrailing as well as in other aspects of their business.

Our Instructor course is not an attendance only course. It consists of theory learning modules to be completed ahead of the practical elements of the course. In order to become an Instructor with us, you will be assessed upon completion of the course on both practical and theory to ensure understanding and learning has been achieved.


Mantrailing Global only teaches using reward-based methods to make this sport really enjoyable for the dog-handler team. Everyone gets really excited about teaching their dogs new skills, as we are sure you will too.

Cpd certified instructor course


our upcoming
instructor courses

Book a free Discovery call with me

Founder of Mantrailing Global, Lisa Gorenflo

PLEase note that you are booking in UK time (BST)

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After the course

The learning doesn’t stop after you attend the Mantrailing Global Instructor course! 


If you would like to spread your wings further, gain some well-deserved recognition and continue to be supported by us on your journey, you can join our Guild membership—a community crafted exclusively for passionate Mantrailing Instructors who are focused on growth and development. Joining our Instructor Guild membership is optional and is at an additional monthly subscription cost.


Here's what awaits you once you're on board:

🎖️ Accredited Instructor Status.

🎓 Annual Online Guild Summit: Propel your knowledge and growth as a Mantrailing Global Instructor.

🧠 Expert Knowledge: Unlock a treasure trove of insights with webinars hosted by the Head Instructor team and other seasoned professionals in the field.

💡 Coaching-Ups: Need real-time advice or have burning questions? Jump online LIVE with the team for coaching-ups and get the support you need.

🌍 Community Hive Mind: Connect, learn, and grow alongside like-minded individuals from across the globe who share your passion for Mantrailing.

📢 Promotional Perks: Boost your visibility with a listing on our instructor map and enjoy free advertising in our community social media platforms.

🚀 Guides, Templates & Discounts: Get equipped with a range of resources including guides, templates, and exclusive discounts to fuel both you and your business.

Being a Mantrailing Global instructor has helped me with building my confidence as a public speaker and teacher, which has transferred across to some of my other classes that I teach as well. The instructor course covers coaching skills and communication with clients and I think it's been invaluable to have that knowledge to take to other aspects of my business. - Laura

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