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Instructor FAQ's

Got a question about becoming a Mantrailing Global Instructor? 

Check out our frequently asked questions below


How do I apply?

We'd love to hear from you! Fill in our online application HERE.

What's the course cost?

Our UK courses are £1800 + VAT

Our INTL courses are £1800.

3 and 6 month payment plans are available.

How long is the course?

Our Instructor course in the UK is split between 4 in-person training days plus the equivalent of 2 online theory leaning days. 

Our International Instructor course is a 5 days in-person course which consists of a mixture of theory and practical teaching.

is there an assessment to pass the course?

Yes. At the end of the course, you will sit a practical and theory assessment in order to successfully pass. But don't panic! We teach you everything you need to know for them within the course content.

What are the requirements to become a Mantrailing Global instructor?

We ask for applicants to have a professional background working with dogs and encourage our to be instructors to trail and/or shadow with a Mantrailing Global Accredited Instructor where possible to gain experience prior to attending. However, if this isn‘t the case, we welcome you to still apply as we review applications on an individual basis.

My dog can't be left alone, can I still attend the course?

Dogs are worked one at a time and it is important that they are able to be left alone in your vehicle while you are teaching on the instructor course.

If you are unable to bring your dog to the course with you, please get in touch with us so that we can find a solution for you.

Do I have to be able to drive?

We would recommend being able to drive as your dog is required to settle in your vehicle in between practical lessons. It would also allow you to use different locations for sessions once you become an instructor.

My dog is not advanced, does this matter?

The instructor course is all about your learning, teaching and coaching skills. Your Mantrailing skills prior to attending the Instructor course is important, however, we will be focussing on you as an Instructor rather than your dogs Mantrailing level.

What certification do i get?

Our Instructor course has been externally accredited by the CPD for quality and assurance. On successful completion of the course, you’ll be able to teach Mantrailing to pet dog and owner teams as a dog sport. You will not be qualified to train teams for operational purposes. Through becoming a member of The Guild after successful completion of the course, you will gain your Accredited Instructor status through us.

What support will I receive after the course?

Once you successfully pass the instructor course and would like to spread your wings further, gain some well-deserved recognition and continue to be supported by us on your journey, you are invited to join our Guild membership—a community crafted exclusively for passionate Mantrailing Instructors who are focused on growth and development. Joining our Instructor Guild membership is optional and is at an additional monthly subscription cost.

Here's what awaits you once you're on board:

🎖️ Accredited Instructor Status.
🎓 Annual Online Guild Summit: Propel your knowledge and growth as a Mantrailing Global Instructor.
🧠 Expert Knowledge: Unlock a treasure trove of insights with webinars hosted by the Head Instructor team and other seasoned professionals in the field.
💡 Coaching-Ups: Need real-time advice or have burning questions? Jump online LIVE with the team for coaching-ups and get the support you need.
🌍 Community Hive Mind: Connect, learn, and grow alongside like-minded individuals from across the  globe who share your passion for Mantrailing.
📢 Promotional Perks: Boost your visibility with a listing on our instructor map and enjoy free advertising in our community social media platforms.
🚀 Guides, Templates & Discounts: A range of resources including guides, templates, and exclusive discounts to fuel both you and your business.

Any other questions?

Still got questions? Allow us to shed some light! We offer a FREE discovery call precisely for individuals like you, offering a sneak peek into what our course entails. It's a chance to ask questions, address concerns, and get a feel for how this course aligns with your aspirations. You can book by clicking HERE or by contacting us on

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