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Instructor FAQ's

Got a question about becoming a Mantrailing Global Instructor? 

Check out our frequently asked questions below


How do I apply?

To apply for our Instructor course please click HERE.

How long is the course?

Our Instructor course in the UK is split between 4 in-person training days plus the equivalent of 2 online theory leaning days. 

Our International Instructor course is a 5 days in-person course which consists of a mixture of theory and practical teaching.

How much does the course cost?

UK Instructor course is £2100 Inc VAT

Payment plans are available to be spread over 3 or 6 months, subject to a £50 administration fee. 

We offer an early bird discount if you apply and pay your first instalment 6 months prior to the course start date.

What are the requirements to become a Mantrailing Global instructor?

Our UK Instructors are required to have a minimum of 6 months experience with a Mantrailing Global Instructor. To get started contact your local Mantrailing Global instructor, they can be found by clicking HERE. Upon your application being successful you will be provided with logs to fill out to record this prior to attending the course. 

Our International Instructor applications are processed on a 1-2-1 basis with previous background in a dog related industry as prefered. 

My dog can't be left alone, can I still attend the course?

Dogs are worked one at a time and it is important that they are able to be left alone while you are teaching on the instructor course. We would highly recommend you work on this as soon as possible once you are ready to join the course. If you are really concerned you could try to arrange for someone to be with your dog when you are teaching.

If none of the above is possible please get in touch with us to see what else can be done to help.

Do I have to be able to drive?

You can attend the course using any method of transporting you may wish, we would recommend being able to drive to allow you to use different locations when qualified, you would also need to make sure you have somewhere for your dog to be kept safe and out the way while you are teaching.

My dog is not advanced, does this matter?

The instructor course is all about your learning, teaching and coaching skills. Your Mantrailing skills prior to attending the Instructor course is important, however, we will be focussing on you as an Instructor rather than your dogs Mantrailing level.

What certification do i get 

Upon successful completion of the course, you become a certified Mantrailing Global Instructor. Our Instructor course as been externally accredited by the CPD for quality and assurance. Becoming a Mantrailing Global Instructor qualifies you to teach Mantrailing to pet dog and owner teams as a dog sport and not to train teams for operational purposes.

What support will I receive after the course?

When you become a Mantrailing Global Instructor, you will be required to sign up to our Instructor Development scheme to ensure you continue high standards of Mantrailing training after the course. This training is not only to develop your trailing skills, but also to improve your coaching and business knowledge too. 

For the UK, our Instructor Development programme consists of 24 hours per year of in-person training. For our International Instructors this will be in the form of online video submissions if unable to trail in-person. 

Any other questions?

If you still have any questions about our Mantrailing Instructor course please contact us on

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