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Bringing their own skills and knowledge to Mantrailing Global, our team have been hand picked by Founder, Lisa Gorenflo, to bring their expertise to the team.


Our Head team teaches our instructor courses, as well as champion our instructor development programme and ensure our Instructor community fly like eagles.


On top this, our Head Instructors can be hosted internationally to share their Mantrailing knowledge across the globe.

Lisa Gorenflo
Founder & Head Instructor
  • Former member of a Search and Rescue team.

  • Owns Mantrailing dogs: Raina a Belgian Malinois, Rufus a retired operational German Wirehaired Pointer, Lotte a 6-month-old Belgian Malinois,  Fussel a 2-year-old Pom/Chihuahua Mix and soon another German Wirehaired Pointer bitch.

  • Over 20 years of dog training experience in sports and the pet dog training industry.

  • 10 years of Mantrailing experience.

  • Trained the only two Digital Evidence Detection Dogs in the private sector worldwide certified by world renowned Graham Attwood.

  • Collaborates with international dog trainers and scientists to expand knowledge in the field.

  • Sole certified Instructor with Mantrailing International in the UK.

Emma Head Instructor.jpg
Emma Cook     
Business Development Manager & Head Instructor

  • Fully Qualified Mantrailing Global Instructor & Assessor

  • City & Guilds UKCSD Scent Detection Dog Handler & Instructor.

  • World Scent Dog Association Instructor.

  • Has specialised in dog sport training for the past 7 years.

  • Has 10 years experience working in the rescue, welfare and training sector.

  • Extensive experience working in customer service, coaching and development roles.

Hannah Burrows
Administrative Assistant
  • Extensive expertise in customer care.

  • Experience in managerial roles, including team leadership and operational optimization.

  • Vast administrative skills from various front of house and client care roles.

Rhiannon Bevan   
Head Instructor 

  • Fully qualified Mantrailing Global Instructor
    UK Sniffer Dog instructor

  • Fdsc in Applied Animal Behaviour

  • Msc Animal Biology

  • Studying for an Msc in Canine Behaviour

  • Has studied CPD with the IMDT, Canine Principles, Compass education plus many more

  • Secretary of the Terrier Club of South Wales
    has qualified and competed at Crufts multiple times

  • Specialises in Terrier training and behaviour, providing help and guidance to terrier owners and breed clubs all over the world. 

Yvonne Head Instructor.jpg
Yvonne Myers  
Head Instructor 
  • Fully Qualified Mantrailing Global instructor & Assessor

  • IMDT Qualified Trainer

  • UK Sniffers Gold Instructor

  • WSDA Blue Instructor

  • Canine Hoopers World instructor 

  • Aggression in Dogs Master Class Graduate

  • Member of PPN & Pet Professional Guild

  • The Dog Training College Canine Body Language Instructor

Andy McCarthy
Head Instructor 

  • Fully Qualified Instructor & Assessor with Mantrailing Global

  • Co Founder/Owner of a Successful Pet & Sports Dog Club in the South West

  • Over 20 years Experience Training & Teaching Pet & Sports Dog Teams

  • Regularly Featured Writer for International Breed Magazine Boxer Quarterly

  • Actively promotes the working aspect of the Boxer Dog

  • Taken his own Boxer through to Mantrailing UK Level 3 

Tjasa (TJ) Landes
Head Instructor 
  • Fully Qualified Instructor & Assessor with Mantrailing Global

  • Nasar SAR Tech II certified

  • Member of two Florida Search and Rescue Teams

  • Operational mapping specialist

  • Mantrails with 2 of her shepherds

  • K9 detection competitor

  • Currently completing Master dog trainer program with Catch Canine Trainers Academy

  • Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

  •  Studied operational Search and Rescue K9 detection for 3 years

  • Successful business owner and licensed healthcare provider of 20+ yrs

thumbnail_TK MNT - Mar '24 - IMGL7106-Edit-Edit.jpg
Teresa King
Head Instructor

  • Fully accredited Mantrailing Global Instructor and Assessor

  •  Licensed Veterinary Technician for 40 years

  • Former SAR dog handler, USA

  • Crisis Response K9 handler, Therapy Dog handler

  • Wide Area Search qualified, CERT Volunteer & Instructor

  • Former president/ head trainer for US nonprofit providing service dog support to US Veterans & first responders

  • UKC Nosework & AKC ScentWork instructor

  • Has competed or trained in performance sports to include obedience, rally, herding, scent work, tracking, agility, conformation, earthdog, JRTCA racing, trick titling, and more with many invites to Westminster and National level competitions

DaNielle Leggat
Head Instructor 

  • Fully accredited Mantrailing Global Instructor and Assessor

  • Began Mantrailing with Sprocker Spaniel Frank in early 2021

  • Trained within a SAR team in Switzerland

  • Passed Level 1 and 2 assessment, working towards Level 3

  • Passed Level 1 SHZ assessment

  • Executive Diploma in Zoology with a focus in behaviour

  • Passionate about bringing expats together and creating a supportive community of dog owners.

  • Committed to further understanding and keeping up to date with science and training methods.

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