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The changing economy over the last few years has left you frantically trying to keep your dog training business afloat. The cost of living, the result of COVID and the impact this has had on you, your client base and your business has left you feeling stressed and overwhelmed to the point that you're starting to listen more and more to that voice in your head telling you to finally give up.

It's time to stop surviving and start thriving with your dog training business again. We will be sharing advice, experiences and tips on different business related topics to help you make sure that 2023 is your year as a dog trainer.

Open to all dog trainers, not just Mantrailing Instructors.

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Human scent: From the trail to the lab bench with Dr Paola A. Prada-Tiedemann

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Surviving The Dog Training Shark Tank 

Guide To Finding Your Niche

Human ThERapist Or DOg Trainer

Save Money in your dog training business

Investing in my business - is There A right time?

Building your dog training business around YOU

How to keep your clients coming back for more

From Employed to self employed

Working Smarter, Not Harder

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