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The Ultimate Guide To Wild Peeing At Mantrailing

It's time to talk about a topic that nobody really talks about, but that everybody does.... Let's set the scene because we've all been there. You turn up to a Mantrailing venue after traveling for over an hour, you get out of the car already needing a pee after your travel from home and instantly start hunting for the best spot as your outdoor toilet to use for the next 3 hours. To your surprise, you are overjoyed to spot an actual real toilet at the venue. What an absolute privilege! and even better, there is toilet roll too! Now let's face it, we all know that the above is a rare and best case scenario at your Mantrailing sessions, so what about all those times that you don't have toilet access when you turn up to your session? Well, that's what our blog is about!

Step One

Wild peeing is actually illegal in some countries and can land you with a fine! Please check with your local country/state laws before taking a wild pee at your Mantrailing session.

Step Two

Ask your instructor where the best spot is for wild peeing...Believe it or not, our instructors have to pee too and they are the most familiar with the area to recommend the best discreet spots of out view of the public. Step Three

Before choosing your perfect pee spot, please please PLEASE make sure you check where the next trail will be taking place and go to a different area or wait until your chosen area is free to use. Our dogs can pick up the scent of a decoy during training or follow the wind out on trails. Don't risk being caught in the act! Plan before you go.

Step Four

Remember to take your high visibility gear off before you go! Nothing screams 'Hi, I'm over here peeing in a bush!' louder than a bright yellow or orange jacket squatting in the woods.

Step Five

Get your pee positioning right. To all of our male Mantrailing clients, you've got it easy! We wont bother describing what you need to do to wild pee, which means you probably also don't need to read this blog any further unless you want a good laugh... Women, it's time to practice that perfect squat:

  1. Now this is a Mantrailing blog...So why not take advantage of perfecting your wind direction reading skills too and make a decision about which direction will give you the least 'blow back' of pee splash before starting.

  2. Place your feet apart, as far as you can whilst being able to still balance.

  3. Bend your knees and lean back on your ankles for support.

  4. Arch your back and lift your butt for better aim.

  5. Get as low as you can to avoid pee splash.

  6. If you available, pee downhill for less splash.

Step Six

Who knew there were so many options to finish your wild peeing experience to your liking. Here are our top suggestions to finish off the perfect wild pee: Method 1: Shake it off with the drip dry method. Do a little jiggle to get rid of the pee drips and just pull your pants straight back and get straight back to your session. Method 2: Are you someone who can just never perfect the squat and end up with the worse aim ever? It could be time to look into adding a pee-funnel to your Mantrailing kit bag. These are special devices which are made to enable a woman to stand up whilst peeing which then funnels it to not go all over you and exits the funnel straight onto the floor. They can be washed for hygiene and reused each session. Method 3: If you prefer to stick with the option of toilet roll, please make sure to take it home with you. Our instructors do everything in their power to remain respectful to the area they are holding their sessions at, so please do not encourage littering. Your dogs Dicky Bag can come in super handy with this by doubling up as your used toilet roll bag! Method 4: If you're not fussy, want to cut down on single use materials and just generally want more than just a drip and dry, check out Pee-Cloths. These material rags are designed for this specific purpose and can be folded up and tucked away after use before being washed, dried and ready again for your next Mantrailing session. If you choose this option, please ensure you DO NOT mistake your pee-cloth as a scent article and pass it to the handler or instructor by accident! Like anything with Mantrailing, wild peeing isn't a 'one size fits all'. We hope our guide has given you some ideas on how to take the perfect wild pee at your future Mantrailing sessions.


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