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Top Tips for Mantrailing Beginners

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

With 2023 seeing lots of new teams trying a paw at Mantrailing, we thought we would start the first blog of 2023 by sharing some beginners tips and who better to ask than some of our existing addicts to share their top tips for newbies.

  • ''Give your dog the best reward food that they love, they will show you the way...'' - Rodney Mouring

  • ''Follow other teams and watch and learn.'' - Paula Harrison

  • ''Trust your dog, have fun, and practice your line handling!'' - Klaudia Sapieja

  • ''We always learn more with fun & laughter rather than stress & anxiety! Rome wasn't built in a day so slow and steady wins the race'' - Cloud K9

  • ''Use loops to hold excess line or it will become a tangled mess and a tripping hazard'' - Aylish Prince

  • ''Be the best misper you can. Get in those bushes!'' - Megan Allen

  • ''Spend time getting the foundations right.'' - Mel Trevor

  • ''Be prepared to get addicted.'' - Kirsty Watts

Don't forget that once you've attended an Introduction session with an accredited Mantrailing Global Instructor, you can trail with any of our Instructor team! We pride ourselves in creating a network of Instructors who work together to deliver you the best Mantrailing experience for you and your dog.

If you'd like to find out where your local instructors are based, visit and click 'find an instructor'.

We'd also recommend to join your local Mantrailing Global Community Group on Facebook to ask questions and connect with other Mantrailing teams. Click on your country below to join your community:


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