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Upcoming Webinars

Join us live at our upcoming webinars. You'll also receive the recording after the event.

  • 01 Mar, 21:00 GMT
    Join Founder of Mantrailing Global, Lisa Gorenflo, to discuss the journey of Mantrailing. In this webinar she will be talking about the importance of foundations, motivation & reinforcers, as well as trailing body language, training criteria's and problem solving.
  • 05 Apr, 21:00
    Join this webinar with Founder of Mantrailing Global, Lisa Gorenflo where we will be analysing trailing videos to learn how dogs display different body language in certain situations on the trail and look at some clear indicators of your dog being on or off the trail. 

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Catch up on our past webinars by purchasing the recording. 

Mantrailing - Body Language & Indicators

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